Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hi I've just dropped back in to say hello and give you an update on my life. Like usual a lot of things have happened and I'll just put them down as they pop in my head.

First I am back at school and all moved in to my new house (which is actually called a co-op, but as it is actually a very old house I shall call it that). I absolutely adore it and all the wonderful people I live with. They are so awesome they deserve their own post...eventually.

Before classes started I traveled to NYC and Philadelphia, PA with four other students from my school and fifteen to twenty chinese exchange students. The trip was fantastic and the people incredible. Alas though that is again a subject to be expanded on another day.

Anjou showing off his sleepy ninja skills

I ended up getting a rat, who I named Anjou after the pear cultivar, about three weeks ago and while he isn't a dog he is still very entertaining. He like food, belly rubs, and sleeping in his litter box. He too deserves is own post...again eventually.

I've just started looking into doing a double major with urban planning, but as I haven't even talked to the school about how that works there's really not much more to say about it at the moment.

I was taking Arabic in the first half of the semester, but the instructors teaching style didn't match my learning style so I decided that it would be better to drop it and take it with a different instructor at another time so I can actually learn it as well as I want to. Doing that has freed up 50 minutes of my day, everyday, so I'm planning on using that to go to yoga with a couple friends instead. Now I'm down to only 12 credits (the minimum at which you can still count as a full time student) so I think I'll be using my spare time and energy to make a start on my thesis. I'll let you know when I actually figure out what my thesis is.

I visited the gorgeous city of Toronto, Canada last weekend. More on that later too.

My health continues to decline unfortunately. I'd been holding out on going to a chiropractor, or acupuncturist, or nutritionist for some foolish and unknown reason, but almost fainting at work today was the last straw. On Monday I'm contacting ALL of them. God save my bank account.

And per usual I'm avoiding doing homework :)


  1. Anjou is such a silly contortionist :-)

    Have fun with the yoga. I envy you spending time in stretching and moving.

  2. Anjou is such a silly contortionist :-)

    Have fun with the yoga. I envy you spending time in stretching and moving.