Friday, October 28, 2011

Update on Kelsa

Kelsa had an evaluation on Tuesday and her raisers say that she was perfect. Our CFR is cautiously optimistic that she'll make it to being recalled for formal training. Good job Kelsa! Of course that means I don't get to stop worrying about her.

I'm guessing her recall will be around January or February.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Valkyrie goes to the pumpkin patch

Valkyrie has impressed me so much recently.

Firstly she started staying home alone in her crate, for a hour or less unless something unforeseen happens, because mum's clinicals started recently.

This past Monday Valkyrie turned 4 months old. To celebrate we went to a pumpkin patch. If you're in Portland you should visit Plumper Pumpkin Patch, they've been very welcoming to my guide puppies and they have a great, friendly, and playful farm dog named Maddie. Valkyrie was amazing at the pumpkin patch! She sat still-ish for her photo shoot, she wasn't too excited about or frightened of the animals, she went down a slide with me, she was really interested in the sounds of pumpkin bowling, she didn't love the very bumpy hay ride, but she didn't freak out either, and best of all she walked around for an hour without having an accident.

And today she did another walk quite well, and was perfect for puppy handling.

Hello goats

Piggies make strange noises

And horses


A calf

The turkeys ran toward her! how odd.


My pumpkin or should I say pup-kin

the slide

Monday, October 3, 2011

Separate Blogs?

I've been thinking about making a separate blog for my GERD insights. That blog would have me talking about my experiences with GERD, reviewing books that are written to help people with GERD and cookbooks that have recipes that I can eat comfortably, and GERD friendly recipes. I want to make the resource I never found. A place with original ideas as well as the old standards and with a personal touch. GERD sufferers are a community of people that all have different symptoms and needs; I'd like to be the place where all GERDies, particularly those with atypical symptoms, can find enough ideas that they might just come upon something that works for them.
The point of the separate blogs is so that the people who want to read about guide dogs don't have to read about GERD if they don't want to and vice versa.
What do you all think?