Friday, March 25, 2011

Restocking and Good Food

First of all, I would like to ask you to leave me a comment if your reading my blog. I just want to know if anyone is reading it anymore, I feel a bit silly talking to myself.

Anyway, we've been stocking up again as we ran out of just about everything over last term. as of this afternoon we had 100 pounds of sugar. Mom was almost out of her favorite sugar which is fair trade, unbleached evaporated cane sugar that she can only get from a co-op who's deliveries are usually on a day she can't come. So were stocked for the next year. We also have 10 pounds of rice, 6 bags of quinoa, a gallon of Dr. Bronner's soap, 2 gallons of stain remover (new puppy and all), 40 pounds of cat litter, and 76 pounds of dog food.
Last night I made the most amazing dinner! I think it should be added to the Mt. Olympus cafeteria menu. It was Asian Chicken Noodle Soup from Off the Shelf by Donna Hay. The only change I made was using rice noodles instead of egg noodles. But in the future I would use a bit less chicken, make more broth, and let it sit for 2 hours to let the noodles really soak up the flavor. oh and did I mention it too at most 20 minutes to make! I am definitely going to be using that book again.

In Puppy News: Kelsa is settling in well, she went with me to run in and out of the library, petsmart, and a yarn store. She was great! She also went on a walk with me and Tazzi today; I took both of them because when we went traffic watching yesterday she seem much happier having him around. Today she was much happier walking with Taz but I wasn't, the dogs kept getting tangled up and tripping me, and Kelsa was driving Tazzi crazy by trying to play, trying to rub her head collar off on him and once she even walked through his legs. Taz bore it with good grace, but he was much happier when he got  a walk on his own later. Kelsa also had an individual walk around the block later, and was much more comfortable and relaxed then on the first one we took on Wednesday.

Kelsa's first day in pictures

She does a lot of cute sleeping

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kelsa and the kitty

Kelsa's first full day

Oh wow, raising Kelsa is going to be a lot of work. I was just reading the puppy raising manual looking for items that pertain to Kelsa and that's practically all of them. She still needs to meet traffic, go on a walk longer than around the neighborhood, be able to go in outings that are longer than in and out, and learn 'down'. The walks and outings might not be problems that will last after she settles in.
So on to yesterday and bits of today.
The top good thing is that she hasn't had any accidents in the house. But she has been going out every hour or two. Another good thing is that she and Tazzi are getting along pretty well. He's only snarled twice and growled maybe 4 times, I think that is a record for him with a new puppy, particularly one under 7 months old. It's interesting, Tazzi will growl about the little things but he'll also ignore them. Take last night for instance, He growled at her for putting her nose in his face while he was on the couch, then later he let her take a bone from right in front of him. I think he was glad we took a Taz only walk yesterday.
So I made a couple of not-the-wisest choices yesterday with Kelsa. The first was thinking she should go on any outings at all on her very first day, in retrospect that was a bad idea. The second was not remembering that nervousness goes to puppy bladders. I figured I wouldn't relieve Kelsa before we went into New Seasons, we'd made two in and out stops before and she had last relieved just over an hour ago, boy was I wrong. we were about half way through the store when she had an accident... some puppies make puddles, Kelsa makes lakes. I so impressed with the new seasons staff, they were so low key about it, like a puppy making a lake in the middle of the store happens all the time.
Despite that Kelsa is a great puppy! She sleeps a lot, which is a blessing when her rolling around in the crate wakes you up a 4 in the morning. She has lots of personality. She's also funny, she cocks her head and looks surprised when she hears the dishwasher or when I open the mail box. She also is great with the cat!

Blogger is being mean and not letting me upload new pictures right now, so I can't give you more pictures of her.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Puppies, Puppies, and more Puppies!

We'll its been puppysits galore this week, three puppies in nine days to be exact.
Vino was here last Monday to join me for my Shakespeare intensive, he even got a part! There's a call in the Tempest for three men to be chased off stage by hounds. Vino was happy to oblige. He was also happy to oblige anyones desire to be sat upon or cuddled with.

At last Monday's puppy meeting Jill pointed out the most adorable picture.
L-R: Riley the career change, Bonnie 6 month old PIT, and Kelsa's sister Karma.
Then the wonderful Vona stayed with us from last Tuesday night to last night. She's so photogenic.

Patrick gave her a very appropriate nickname...Lemur

Oh and we've had very wet weather recently, part of out yard turned into a lake.
the black blob at the bottom of the picture of Tazzi, he ran through my picture.

And Kelsa comes tonight!