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This was taken in Zagreb, Croatia in the fall of 2014.

I'm a student,and temporary transplant to upstate NY from the Pacific NW, who spends her spare time enjoying her own dog, taking pictures of dogs, volunteering for Guide Dogs for the Blind (when I'm home), cooking, baking, and running.

Genius that I am I took up running in 2011 a few years after quitting fencing for a knee injury. I do it for fun and to de-stress just as much as fitness, thus a 10 minute mile is pretty normal. In my eyes as long as I'm having fun then I'm successful.

As for cooking and baking, I pretty much ignored both of them until my teenaged years where I learned of the joys of baking with friends, suddenly baking was fun instead of desperately dull. Now I love to bake both with friends and on my own. I was on friendlier terms with cooking throughout my childhood; I remember watching cooking shows on PBS when I was little and on the 100th day of school in Kindergarden I brought a hundred cookbooks to school. However, I pretty much stopped at watching and reading about cooking, it wasn't until I ended up with a digestive disease in 2010 that I got serious about it. Now I regard cooking as a delight and a way to take charge of my health.

I somehow got GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) in 2010 at the tender age of eighteen (although I didn't get a diagnosis until May of 2011), then I was diagnosed with IEM (Inefficient Esophageal Motility) in March of 2012, and discovered that I feel much better when I don't eat gluten or dairy in May of the same year. Then in June of 2013 I found out that my gallbladder is functioning at 16% when the minimum of normal function is 30%. While it hasn't exactly been a cakewalk it was a wake up call to take care of myself that I really needed. Because of the gluten and dairy thing I try to make all my recipes gluten and dairy free.

At a point of desperation in October 2013, after six straight weeks of nausea and almost fainting at work, I started going to an Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) Chiropractor here in Ithaca, NY. It truly gave me my life back! I really am not exaggerating. Before going to them I couldn't eat dairy and gluten, I had the above mentioned nausea, I was always tired and usually hungry since it was painful to eat. After going to my ABC chiropractor for three months I had energy again, I was much closer to pain free, and my food sensitivities had vanished. I believe my gallbladder started functioning better too since it stopped giving me pain.

Images of my humble abode hopefully coming soon.

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