Friday, November 18, 2011

Kelsa's coming home!

I got the call yesterday that Kelsa was career changed for relieving and I was asked if I would like to adopt her. I've wanted to adopt her since she was about 6 months old, but I didn't say yes immediately. I had to ask my family. Everyone's been saying we want her in abstract, but when it comes down to reality you have to ask again. And I had to ask myself and get a definitive answer on the hard questions.
Can we afford food, vet bills, toys, exc. for another dog? Answer is yes.
Will I ignore Tazzi and not give him the attention he needs when I have another dog? This one was harder to answer mostly because I, like most people, tend to favor the exciting and new. But really this one comes down to me. I adore my Tazzi and would never neglect him no matter how exciting things get.
What if Tazzi needs some alone time? I know several people who would be happy to take Kelsa for an afternoon or she could go to doggie daycare, so there are ways to get him some alone time.
Will Tazzi be okay with three dogs in the house? Yes, he already knows and likes her and she's not overly active so she won't be pestering him all the time.
Can I give her enough exercise? I really like walking and running, and Valkyrie and Tazzi like playing so that should be fine. And I know a bunch of dogs that would love to do play dates with her.
Is Mom okay with taking her and Tazzi when I go away to college? Yes.
What am I going to do if the relieving in the house thing doesn't go away? I would try everything I can think of to discourage her (although I think most of it has already been tried), consult with a professional if that didn't work, and if both those things didn't work I would give her back to Guide Dogs to be placed with someone else. This was one of the hardest questions to answer.
Am I really committed to doing therapy work with her? Yes. I think she and I would have a ton of fun doing that. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a dog in uniform.
How am I going to stay sane with three dogs in the house? I'm not going to say that this one is going to be easy, but with enough playtime and exercise everyone should be happy.

I felt much better once I'd been able to answer all these questions, and I'm confident that Kelsa is going to have a long and happy life in La Menagerie.

So I called my leader last night and gave her a "yes!" Kelsa should be coming home within a week.